Pentatonic Permutations

*Pentatonic Permutations* is an algorithmic piano composition by Benjamin Heidersberger that started 14 billion years ago and will continue another 16 trillion years, tagging every moment of time. After the last permutation the piece will stop.

Pentatonic scales of prime number length are constantly phase shifting, creating narrations; fragments of melodies appear and disappear. Out of 66 possible scales 1-4-2-3-2 was selected.

In the installation eight speakers spatialize sampled Steinway pianos coming from a laptop with a multichannel output. A computer program creates the algorithmic composition as midi events, which are played by a software synthesizer using Linux.

*Pentatonic Permutations* is also a portable paperback-size player converting time to music. It receives time from radio waves and synchronizes a high-precision clock so all players will play the same part of the composition wherever they are.

An edition of 100 pieces is for sale.

2.500 CHF

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