26. Oct. 2013 – 13. Dec. 2013

Levente Baranyai

Mongolian National Circus, 2012, oil on canvas, 155 x 232 cm

Since 1994 Hungarian artist Levente Baranyai (*1966) is engaged with recording the topography of the world. In his monumental paintings he draws our attention to wasted landscapes where the outgrowth of civilisation and industrialisation have left their marks.

As a portraitist of the earth he unfolds the traces, wounds and testimonials of the destruction of our environment. At the same time the realistic paintings reveal a certain beauty and symmetry. One observes the earth from the bird perspective as it never appears in everyday life. Only recently the artist started utilizing "google map“ in order to select details of landscapes from satellite images for his paintings. His painterly style appears to be expressive, and the single motives are evolving only from a distant view at the paintings. Deliberately he breaks the rules of perspective and focuses on painting. Baranyai’s art refers to classic reliefs and 3-D world maps on the first sight; nevertheless due to his painterly style he takes a distance from photorealistic painting.

Levente Baranyai completed his studies at the University of Fine Arts in Budapest in 1994. Since then he has taken part in numerous solo as well as group exhibitions worldwide and is considered as one of the most important artists in Hungarian postmodernism.

SCHEUBLEIN+BAK is proud to present the first solo exhibition by Hungarian painter Levente Baranyai.