09. Sep. 2014 – 07. Nov. 2014

Jack Duplock

Jack Duplock, Iggy Sleeping, 2014, acrylic and pencil on linen, 96x121 cm

Jack Duplock (1975) is a British painter based in London. Duplock creates works around the narrative thread of a shamanistic pastoral derived from rural British subcultures. Presented in the style of icons in votive painting often with simple handmade frames the works make knowing reference to folk art.

Duplock’s style is drawing based but with a white wash layer the mark is subordinated in the almost minimal hues of the geometric background which carries Duplock’s signature icons of bird/deer, bird/man, shaman/horse. Subliminally reminiscent of contemporary sub-cultural rites his works distill this to a new language of a faintly sexualised imagination. The paintings remind of the endurance and in some cases revival of an English folk culture away from the urban centres, which exists in the festival circuit and the contemporary versions of the town fayre.

Duplock’s most recent pieces appear to connect to the painterly language of early modernism, a nod to Klee, but also to the first appropriation of the modernist language in Seventies’ graphics and textiles. His subversive mysticism also finds expression in his ready-‐made objects, carved and painted onto skateboards and surfboards.

Opening Reception: Tuesday, 9 September 2014, 5 – 8 pm

Duration of the exhibition: 10 September – 9 November 2014

Location: SCHEUBLEIN + BAK, Schloss Sihlberg, Sihlberg 10, 8002 Zürich

Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday, 11am - 5pm, and by appointment

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