26. Mar. 2015 – 22. May. 2015

Damien Meade

Damien Meade, Untitled (Bust 2), 2015, Oil on linen on board, 70x46cm

SCHEUBLEIN + BAK is pleased to announce Sudo, the second exhibition by Damien Meade at the gallery.

In recent years Damien Meade has developed a body of work that engages with painting as a cross-genre hybrid of portraiture and still life, of subject and object. The paintings are at turns irreverent and fanciful, witty and melancholic, solemn and abject, and playfully examine how a subject might be perceived to be both animate and inanimate at the same time. As paintings of sculptures they are 'artifice within artifice', yet paradoxically they can appear to transgress this premise, and to assert themselves as sentient subjects, equal to ourselves.

This latest show reveals a triangulated approach to this enquiry: from his familiar reimaginings of bust portraiture (the subject as object), through to knotted structures of bruised clay (the object as subject) and finally to explorations of kneaded clay surfaces (the mark of the subject in the object).

Resistance Painting falls into this last category. If an index can be defined as a category of sign that maintains a physical tie to its referent, then in this respect every painting is 'indexical', retaining a tie to its maker - painting as the trace of the hand of the painter. Here, the thumbed and fingered surface of clay is an accentuation of this. There is something appropriate about paint mimicking clay, in that it is 'mineral mimicking mineral'; a fusing of surfaces, something symbiotic. The image is a product of the degree of resistance that the clay offers to the force of the hand, a memory of the subject, in its absence.

For the artist, the title Sudo partly refers to Sudocrem, a popular medicated 'soothing' cream commonly used in Ireland for the treatment of burns and skin conditions. But it can also be read as pseudo, that which is supposed, but not really so.

Damien Meade (b.1969 in Ireland) lives and works in London. Upcoming exhibitions in 2015 are The London Open 2015, Whitechapel Gallery, London and Nature Morte: contemporary artists reinvigorate the still-life tradition, traveling exhibition, Ha gamle prestegard, Norway; selected recent exhibitions include include Suspicion, Jerwood Space, London (2014), Sitting with the Qualities of a Mountain (2013), Blyth Gallery London, Shape Shifters, ACME Gallery, Los Angeles (2013), Beastly Hall, Hall Place, London (2013), Unspecific Objects, Malgras|Naudet, Manchester and The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2013), Have You Seen Dante?, Vitrine Gallery, London (2012), About Face, ACME Gallery, Los Angeles (2012), The John Moores Painting Prize 2012, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (2012), The Future Can Wait, Victoria House, London (2012).